South Devon Diesel Traction
Richard Bruford

20 110 & D7612, accompanied by D6737 & 31 108 went in a rail convoy to the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway for their diesel gala on the 6th, 7th & 8th June 2008.
The gala I think was a big success, it was very well organised and on a beautiful railway. Very steep with some lovely stations. We were made to feel very welcome with some good pub nights and a rather wild messroom party on Friday night. I'm told the following night was even wilder, but I'm sorry to say either we're getting old or just us soft southerners can't stick the pace. ( I suspect the former!) So we were happy to have a nice meal in the pub up the hill. There were some excellant locos there, thankfully they all behaved well, being Devonians, we particularly enjoyed the 'Thousand.'

The following week saw our two locos and D6737 go South, hauled by a pair of DRS class 20s to the West Somerset Railway for there mixed traction gala. Again we were made most welcome by the D&EG lads, we were put up in a very good pub and an excellant BBQ was laid on. Again it is a lovely railway with some good banks and of course famous for it's length. The countryside it runs through reminded us of home. The locos all went very well with the unfortunate exception of the warship that failed early on. Our comiserations go to it's owners as there but for the grace of god go all of us!

So thanks very much to the KWVR & WSR lads for making us very welcome, also to the DDS lads for caretaking the locos on their networkrail journeying.

KWVR-08-01 KWVR-08-02 KWVR-08-03 KWVR-08-04 KWVR-08-05 KWVR-08-06
KWVR-08-01.jpg KWVR-08-02.jpg KWVR-08-03.jpg KWVR-08-04.jpg KWVR-08-05.jpg KWVR-08-06.jpg
KWVR-08-07 KWVR-08-08 KWVR-08-09 KWVR-08-10 KWVR-08-11 KWVR-08-12
KWVR-08-07.jpg KWVR-08-08.jpg KWVR-08-09.jpg KWVR-08-10.jpg KWVR-08-11.jpg KWVR-08-12.jpg
KWVR-08-13 KWVR-08-14 KWVR-08-15 KWVR-08-16 KWVR-08-17 KWVR-08-18
KWVR-08-13.jpg KWVR-08-14.jpg KWVR-08-15.jpg KWVR-08-16.jpg KWVR-08-17.jpg KWVR-08-18.jpg
KWVR-08-19 KWVR-08-20 KWVR-08-21 KWVR-08-23 KWVR-08-24 KWVR-08-25
KWVR-08-19.jpg KWVR-08-20.jpg KWVR-08-21.jpg KWVR-08-23.jpg KWVR-08-24.jpg KWVR-08-25.jpg
KWVR-08-26 KWVR-08-27 KWVR-08-28 KWVR-08-29 KWVR-08-30 KWVR-08-31
KWVR-08-26.jpg KWVR-08-27.jpg KWVR-08-28.jpg KWVR-08-29.jpg KWVR-08-30.jpg KWVR-08-31.jpg
KWVR-08-32 KWVR-08-33 KWVR-08-34 KWVR-08-35 KWVR-08-36 KWVR-08-37
KWVR-08-32.jpg KWVR-08-33.jpg KWVR-08-34.jpg KWVR-08-35.jpg KWVR-08-36.jpg KWVR-08-37.jpg
KWVR-08-38 KWVR-08-39 KWVR-08-40 KWVR-08-41 KWVR-08-42 KWVR-08-43
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KWVR-08-44 KWVR-08-45 KWVR-08-46 KWVR-08-47 KWVR-08-50 KWVR-08-51
KWVR-08-44.jpg KWVR-08-45.jpg KWVR-08-46.jpg KWVR-08-47.jpg KWVR-08-50.jpg KWVR-08-51.jpg
KWVR-08-52 KWVR-08-53 WSR-08-01 WSR-08-02 WSR-08-03 WSR-08-04
KWVR-08-52.jpg KWVR-08-53.jpg WSR-08-01.jpg WSR-08-02.jpg WSR-08-03.jpg WSR-08-04.jpg
WSR-08-05 WSR-08-06 WSR-08-07 WSR-08-08 WSR-08-09 WSR-08-10
WSR-08-05.jpg WSR-08-06.jpg WSR-08-07.jpg WSR-08-08.jpg WSR-08-09.jpg WSR-08-10.jpg