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NewsLetter 16

[D8110] 20110
To the rescue, once again on Thursday 9th Oct as 5786 broke one of it's front springs. Then 110 stood in for one trip. It was out again the next day for a shunt at Totnes, going down on the back of the DMU!
The G.W.R. branch line weekend (with diesel too!) saw the loco in use once again, working freight and passenger turns on both days. The loco is (once again) the winter work horse for the large engineering work. The loco has done the shunt release from the end of November and through December. She had a spot of maintenance at the end of November, with the brakes being adjusted and greased. This was not finished as the shunt releases got in the way. During the weeks after Xmas the annual oil change of the compressor oil took place along with finishing off of the greasing before the loco was out based at Staverton for a couple of months, due to the rebuilding of Nursery Pool bridge. The mileage for 2003 is 305 miles.
[D8118] 20118
The new 'on' notch seems to be working well, as it completed three round trips on the last running Sunday (5th Oct). The loco has had its cab cleaned then covered over for the coming winter on Sunday 16th November, along with some oil over the name plate to help them through the winter. The loco was started up for the last time in 2003 on Sunday 21st December. With 20110 being out based at Staverton for a couple of months 118 will be the standby at Buckfastleigh. The mileage for 2003 is 540 miles and since arriving on the railway is 917 miles.
[D7612, 25262] 25901
The loco was started up for the last time in 2003 on Sunday 9th November and the following Sunday the loco was drained down of coolant for the winter, as no antifreeze has yet been added to the system. This is due to the coolant leaks around the cylinder heads. A small crack has been found on the No.2 cab front, driver's side. This was one of the reasons why the loco was painted blue. The mileage for 2003 is 505 miles and since arriving on the railway is 2154 miles.
Class 09
The loco was started up on Sunday 26th October for an hour before having its coolant drained down for the winter.
Class 127
Has had its coolant drain for the winter.
Class 122 - 55000
The unit ended up in the P.L.O.G. shed by mid October where the unit's body repaint was finished, with the help from members of the D.D.S. The last little bits of welding were finished off on Thursday 6th November. The large saloon has also seen the paint brush, as the ceiling has been finished in gloss white. The body repaint didn't go as planned as the roof of the P.L.O.G. shed is not water tight! Plus it was found that any painting had to be finished by about 15.00 because of the cold, so the paint would have a chance to start to go off, as a gloss finish was required and not a matt one! New foot steps have been fitted all round the unit and now just require painting. On Sunday 7th December the unit came out of the P.L.O.G. shed to show off its new paint work. The next item to be worked on will be the bogies. These will have to be removed at some stage to have the wheel sets changed. When this takes place the insides of the bogies will then be cleaned and painted.
Buckfastleigh 07th December 2003
Buckfastleigh 07th December 2003
In service.
No change from last time; batteries now flat.
No change from last time.
South Devon Diesels' Drewry 04
In service. At the start of November the loco was found to be sluggish to powering up.
The fuel filter was changed, but on doing so the fuel isolating cock was found to be almost closed. In the end it turned out that neither of the two things were at fault, but the engine governor. The governor was repaired on the Friday 7th November, as the loco was required for the weekends clean up train. Just before the end of November the loco had a quick check over with antifreeze added to the coolant system.
South Devon Diesels' Class 50
On show in the bay at Totnes. 
MINK W 104700 - Has had the roof cover refitted and the chassis was given a coat of undercoat on Sunday 14th December. The van was put under cover the following Sunday with a start on the black top coat. This was finished by the end of the year.
CCT W94556 - No change. Was given its first wash on Sunday 21st December; a year after its repaint. Some rust was found on the bottom of one of the doors. This will be repaired later next year.
CCT M94852 - Still waiting for restoration to start.
SHOCK - No change, but starting to look a little bit shabby.
MINK `B' (W125814) B753100 - No change.
Keep the aluminium drink cans coming in.
Dear Santa.........
Note retractable buffers - no more buckeye dropping !
Dates for Diary (Diesels running)
DIESEL GALA 2004, will be 12th & 13th June.
Working Weekends
The main working Sunday will be the first one on the month, but most Sundays will see someone around if you turn up between 09.00 and 09.30. All help most welcome.
Running Days
Awaiting new Timetable.

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